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Massimo Lombardozzi performs and teaches the osteopathic technique

As a professional, he carries out his activities in Italy, Portugal and Brazil

Teacher of structural and visceral osteopathy in Italy, Brazil, Spain, Portugal and Argentina

What is osteopathy and how it works

Osteopathy is a technique devised by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, who understood the relationship existing in the body, between structure and function and the importance of the mobility of its elements, at every level.
Every part of our body works well if it moves well, from the larger joints down to the smallest cell structures, everything needs to move. The lack of movement or mobility creates problems related to the function of the organ or structure, and it is in this context that osteopathy find its main indication and increased effectiveness. By restoring the lost mobility, it helps to restore the balance of the body and its functions.
It is not invasive because it does not use any other means that the hands of the practitioner, using various techniques from the most known, the spinal manipulation, up to the visceral and fascial techniques, which are applied in full compliance with the patient's anatomy and physiology.

Visceral Osteopathy: method of the pressure columns

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